Feb 072020

Hello all, I’m Jess & I’m a 34 year old mother of 2 daughters (8 years & 4 years). I’ve been prepping for a few years now, I have food, water & some supplies.

I worked in the health field for over 10 years as a medical assistant in urgent care/home nurse, I only left last year to care for family.

Right now I’m very concerned with what our nation is facing & want to protect my girls, my only problem is I do not have a bug out location. I know most of you will not give this a second thought because you don’t know me at all & I do not blame you for that at all, but I’m just hoping someone out there can help me & my girls take refuge somewhere safe, this is my hail Mary.

I’m in a large home now, with too many people to isolate us here & we have no family that can take us in. We need to be with people who take this lifestyle serious & lessen the threat, instead of increasing it.

I’d like to leave to that location as soon as agreed upon/as necessary if threat becomes more severe, to prevent any risk of infection from this virus.

I offer manual labor, health care & knowledge, child care, rent, cooking, stocking, & am able to defend myself/others (Qualified as Sharpshooter in the Army) if ever needed. I’m very hardworking, loyal, smart & quick in a crisis situation.

If this is something you would even consider, please contact me & we can Facetime or talk over the phone to discuss any concerns/details! Thank you so much!

  6 Responses to “34 Year old mother of 2 daughters Needs Help”

  1. I hear your situation.
    What part of the country are you in ?
    I will be honest i am new to prepping and looking to buy 100 acres + somewhere.
    Looking to put together a team of professionals.
    Myself i am in Trades and can almost build anything.

  2. I’m in California right now, but hoping to move out of state to a more remote/better suited for survival place.
    Finding a good location is definitely the most important start. What part of the country are you in currently? Any ideas what state you’d like to be in?

  3. Currently in BC Canada ,,,just above Seattle but looking at land in Nova scotia on the east coast.
    Looking for land with a creek and well, backing onto a river or lake.
    What are you prepping for ?
    Just curious.

    I do feel as thou there could be pandemic or stock market crash etc,
    Its very hard to find anyone to talk to about prepping as most people seem to think you are crazy.

  4. I have a location between you and I (I’m in North Dakota) have two boys and a couple buddies and their wives kinda made this deal. Would you care to visit about this?

  5. We are the Tennessee Mountain Christian Prepper group. I think are post is still up on this board. You can private message me your contact info like phone number and email. We have a trailer that is not being used and a community kitchen with a wood stove that is being used a s a storage area but I am building more storage space outside. We have been here since 2015 and have 2 properties and lots of buildings.

  6. Hello Jess,
    Your concerns are real as are mine- I have 2 children 8 and 14. I’m in Mesa, Arizona and my SO is in Camp Verde, an hour North of Phoenix. I’ve started investing time, money, knowledge and research to basically BEGIN prepping. I consider this a pre-emptive to SHTF and it has really put a fire under me. My bf is far ahead of me with regards to prepping, however he isn’t concerned with our current global crisis.

    We plan to stay in AZ but out of any major cities when needed. This climate is ideal for comfort. Yes, it snows up North in the winter and yes, it’s 115 in Phoenix in the summer, but there are a lot of middle climes in between.

    If you just want someone to reach out to share some thoughts with and try to navigate all this prepping stuff, I’m here as (essentially) a single mom, to you.

    Be well!