Feb 172019

Literally prepper heaven.

Live in our 5th wheel.

Alsea, Oregon

angie [at] californiamail.com

Single or couple, honest, reliable, hard-worker.

Friendly pets okay.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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  5 Responses to “72 acres, 1200 chickens, 7 cows, huge garden with long growing season, creek and spring”

  1. Saw it post I think we are interested…. We are a couple have pour own rv its a conversion in a box van we currently live in … What are you needing ? A care taker / farm hand ? I have the skills interested in more details

    Thanks JandR

  2. Greetings,Have you found whom you were looking for? If not i would like to know more about what you are looking for. please feel free to contact me at , [email protected]

  3. I am definitely a survivalist along with my husband. We are looking for a family that can survive and to also protect other survivalist and family. How many people are you looking for in your camp?

  4. Im a truther (have my own group) and a prepper. I knew this day would come, but didnt expect it to come so quickly so I have prepared. I bought camping equipment because of this. Will buy a van if things get much worse.
    Interested in learning more.

    • i dont see the person who posted this responding to anyone? …user traveled120 , where is your group and can i join it if i have stuff to contribute? im by myself out here . gypsywolfprincess at gmail
      thanks hope to hear from someone at least