Feb 172019

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Literally prepper heaven.

Live in our 5th wheel.

Alsea, Oregon

angie [at] californiamail.com

Single or couple, honest, reliable, hard-worker.

Friendly pets okay.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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  7 Responses to “72 acres, 1200 chickens, 7 cows, huge garden with long growing season, creek and spring”

  1. Saw it post I think we are interested…. We are a couple have pour own rv its a conversion in a box van we currently live in … What are you needing ? A care taker / farm hand ? I have the skills interested in more details

    Thanks JandR

  2. Greetings,Have you found whom you were looking for? If not i would like to know more about what you are looking for. please feel free to contact me at , [email protected]

  3. I am definitely a survivalist along with my husband. We are looking for a family that can survive and to also protect other survivalist and family. How many people are you looking for in your camp?

  4. Im a truther (have my own group) and a prepper. I knew this day would come, but didnt expect it to come so quickly so I have prepared. I bought camping equipment because of this. Will buy a van if things get much worse.
    Interested in learning more.

    • i dont see the person who posted this responding to anyone? …user traveled120 , where is your group and can i join it if i have stuff to contribute? im by myself out here . gypsywolfprincess at gmail
      thanks hope to hear from someone at least

  5. Hi guys;
    I agree with gypsywlf, I don’t see any responses, so I wonder if this post is even active. Sometimes those in their first year of prepping, RV or small cabin living don’t realize some of the difficulties in living in a small space, or the hardships that come with living a remote, off grid, homestead, pioneer or self reliant living lifestyle. Sometimes newbies quite and go back to the easy life. It’s so much easier to maintain the soft lifestyle, that we Americans have grownup in.
    And I’m no different, I like easy access to shopping, grocery stores, the internet and my retirement benefits coming every month. Let’s be honest; who would chose to grow their own food, hunt, kill, skin, prep, and store everything they have to survive on unless you believe the system is close to coming crashing down. – Just in time deliveries to local grocery stores are definitely the way to go if you thought the system would last forever or at least until you had a comfortable life. And for the Christian there is always the issue the system allowing the comforts that we have been accustomed to as long as you are willing to accept an identification mark on or in your body to identify yourself with a way that seems right to man, but the ways therein are the ways of (spiritual) death. Yea, life can be complicated.
    I am looking for a prepper solution also; although what I have is not bad – just not perfect because I rent in a perfect place for prepping, but the homeowners surcame to a bad bout of cancer and whether the kids will keep the place or sell it is up in the air. So I may be out on my ear in a year.
    I decided to look now because that gives me time to decide on a place and months to get moved. From the looks of this site, it is barely active with very little respondents; so it may take me a while. I will start posting at various times & places to see what happens. Central WA is what I am use to and I like it here. I don’t much care for the liberal politics of the west side, but so far, we on the east side of the Cascades are surviving with everything that the west side tries to saddle us with.
    If you want to message me to see if I could be a good fit for an off grid homestead then please do. Or if you just want to talk to a like-minded individual, I’d love to hear from you; I never have enough friends. But if you are selling stuff or running a scam then please move on.
    I have a self-sufficient RV, have supplies, and produce my own power. If you need ideas on how to do any of that or just want to talk, contact me through this website and if we decide each other is for real, then we can exchange emails.
    Happy Trails ~ F.T.