76 lots for sale in NE Colorado semi ghost town




In NE Colorado there is a semi ghost town (Willard) that was platted in the 1920’s, There are 76 lots for sale, most ranging in sizes from 25′ x 140′ and 50′ x 140′. Many are contiguous, the largest of which consists of 40 contiguous lots, totaling 4.82 acres.

The town is located 15-20 miles from a county seat (Sterling, population of approximately 15,000), containing all the conveniances. Willard is surrounded by farm land. Water wells may be drilled but the state of Colorado restricts water useage for domestic use only. There are 5-6 habitatants in one corner of the townsite and a rural telephone warehouse. The county requirements for building require only adherence to the 2006 Residential Code. Hempcrete, straw bale, modular, tiny homes, rammed earth and yurts are not an issue, nor is the raising of chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats and maintaining bee hives.

The town is bordered by two county maintained gravel roads and a paved state highway 5-6 miles north of the town.

Individual lots range from $2000 to $3,000 and the total price for all 76 lots for $195,000.00

FULL DISCLOSURE! This is not some idyllic wooded or mountain site, but is on the prairie. It has a serene atmosphere. The Pawnee National Grasslands is nearby. Current residents are either retired or work in the area. Power/telephone service is available if desired.

A map (drawing) of the township and legal descriptons are available upon request.


Allen Christner [email protected] 720-933-5777

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  1. I have $2000. if there are any lots I can park my 5th wheel travel trailer and a cargo trailer on. I would like to meet some folks who are prepared in case bugging out is necessary. Please let me know if this land is available for $2000. Thanks.

  2. Please more information. Can you give coordinates please?