Dec 252020

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Im the regional mgr of a large repossession company out of Oklahoma, in Little Rock, AR.  Ive been here 4 years now and have watched it get worse by the minute.  As if I thought that was possible.

Ive always believed this was coming but as most of us, didnt think it would be in my life time.  I no longer believe this way.  In fact, I believe in less than 3 months the world as we knew it will be forever lost.  And its not gonna be a good change, either.

Four years ago I noticed things werent right.  Didnt know really what was going on because like everybody else… I was submerged in my work and my own life.  Then I took a closer look… and woke up as if from a bad dream.  But still found it all impossible to believe, hit the snooze button and rolled over.  But couldnt go back to sleep.  So I dug further down the rabbit hole.  You all know what Ive found or u wouldnt be reading this.

I have been gathering things for two years now.  On my meager income I couldnt afford a whole lot, but with the help of a lot of debtors leaving things in the vehicles I had repoed, Ive got as much or more than most as far as equipment and gear are concerned.  Ive amassed a small arsenal, enough ammunition for years, barter material for a decade, and recently a good chunk of prestine property deep into the Ozarks completely off grid with a spring fed creek and a recently made pond.  Its completely treed.  Im currently bargaining for a fiberglass form for making domed shelters and the day after Christmas my son in law, daughter, and two grand daughters begin making it our fortress.

Im willing to let only a chosen few that have the right mind set and same values we have come enjoy what time we all have left here, and to defend our lives and each others against any and all that threaten it.

Thats the only requirement other than a willingness to work to help improve.  Eventually, if Im wrong about whats coming and dont have to fight for our lives, we intend to build a couple log cabins and live happily ever after.  In return for loyalty and all thats needed, I will even put you on the deed or cut u off ur own little piece of American pie.

We have all your gear, a weapon, ammo, food and water for 6 months.  All you would need to bring is ur good attitude and lust for survival.

Good luck to all of you.  May God guide you and help you in your journeys.

my contact info is [email protected]

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  1. Great post and I hope you find some good people. Funny that you mention in three months or less. Other things seem to be happening about then (nothing I can prove right now). Is it OK if I copy and paste some of your paragraphs? Considering opsec i won’t identify where the quote came from. I too am looking for a few good people here in Montana.

    • Not a problem at all, Ryder.
      I tried keeping op-sec in mind but may have given just a tad bit much for what it is and the situation… With the info I gave, I could probably find me, If I were someone else, before I head out. But Im confident my site is still secure.
      Thanks for reminding me. And good luck

    • My first post… not so much.
      No excuses, I simply spat out too much. Its difficult to get back into the mindset of someone you never wanted to be again. Especially when it was so hard to get out of it.
      Again… thanks for the reminder.

  2. Thanks, i rent a couple of small apartments. It really is amazing if you have even a scrap of info…… what the internet can tell you. I always look at any applicant on the internet even without a lot of info people leave a wake of bits and pieces behind them as they move thru the normal world. Another reason I like living in montana is the wide open spaces and lots of people who want to be left alone and pay cash.

  3. lol… Yeah, I already looked at some of ur things. Sorry. Its habbit. In my line of work the more ya know the better your chances. So I look at just about everybody I come into contact with. Some dont like that, so I usually dont let it be known that I know just a little bit more than I let on. Gives people the opportunity to prove their honesty without realizing it was tested.
    Montana is GORGEOUS!!! But the land is so expensive… and the threat from the air is more likely than anything from the ground, in my opinion. It sure is a beautiful picture to wake up to, tho. Thats why they call it Big Sky i guess

  4. Just a few helpful Privacy suggestions (for everyone that is prepping) Google is NOT our friend. Nor is facebook nor twitter nor instagram. You can do your own research online as I have and should come to the same conclusions. For opsec use a Privacy focused email NOT googles “gmail”- many are free (with some limits) like Protonmail (see the post immediately below yours- they are using it) – or, or startmail (not free). Some allow full encryption and the use of aliases. If Your emails are like mine they will probably include names, addresses, prepper items purchased, firearm info etc

    Also to deny your ISP (and others) from snooping on your browsing histoy use a VPN. Some are free but may limit your data beyond a certain amount – Proton VPN is free –   Usually though, you must Pay for a good VPN – Mullvad VPN, NordVPN, Torguard are some of the best. On sale 3 to 10 dollars a month.
    Also use a privacy focused browser – I use a modified version of Firefox
    To customize your browser
    Firefox config for privacy

    Advanced “about:config’ tweaks and more

    For those willing to make the jump I also suggest leaving microsoft windows 10 – its horrible for privacy. I use Linux- The best distro for people leaving windows is probably Linux Mint. If you cant leave windows search for Windows 10 Privacy – here are a few –

    You should also use these privacy tools on your cell phone if possible. Android is google. Apple iphone is no better. I switched my android to a google-free ROM option – the e/ operating system. You can install the ROM if you have some IT skills.
    e/ OS ROM or phone with e installed

    Home Page

    The Librem 5 is also a privacy focused phone. No IT skills neede – just buy it.

    I plan to contact you via email in a few days. Please let me know if any of this is helpful or if you need more assistance. Also let me know if you get a privacy focused email address too. Good luck.