Oct 082021

Hi I am family of 4 that moved here 2years ago we have been prepping for 15 years we are looking for other like minded preppers here in the Chicago area and surrounding areas as well

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  1. So my wife and I are about 40 miles west of Chicago, looking to link up with like minded people as well.

  2. I am just north of Rockford, and would like to find some like minded people also.

  3. Hello all. My family and I are from McHenry County. Shoot me a message if anyone is interested in chatting with like minded people.

  4. I am on the south side of crook county. I have a friend with people in the Beecher, Will county area where I am trying to secure a meeting place. I’m looking to join a mag or start one.

    • haven’t checked on this site for awhile – was wondering how your Eastern Will endeavors were coming along >>>>

      • Still at a stand still for a safe meeting place. I am in loose contact with a couple of people, but no one in my immediate AO, seem to be interested. They are more interested in further dividing our neighborhood NOT GIVING UP, CABLNT WAIT TILL I CAN LEAVE THIS STATE.

        • Hi. I am located in McHenry county. We have started a loose group of like minded people (4 families). Our locations are rather far apart but we are trying to meet monthly.
          I am looking for contact with other Preppers or MAGs. We certainly could use more people in our group. I welcome contact with others. 847-420-6037. Texting is best.

  5. I am in Kane County, also looking to link up with similar-thinking folks.

  6. I have almost got the location time and place locked in along with some possible legal coaching from a former Army Legal Beagle. I’m hoping to get some medical types involved along with additional security and general preppers soon. Will try to keep everyone posted here.

  7. Kendal county looking for people to know. Discuss things with (online initially) and skill share with.

  8. Hi, my name is Lynda- I am a retired doc ( anesthesia/pain management) I am a snowbird- live in Fox Lake. I am fairly new to prepping, but since I am retired I have lots of time to put into it! I am looking to hook up with like minded people when we get back up there this spring before anything bad starts happening as it seems to be heading that way.