Dec 232016

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Hello from up north, me and my family have started prepping and planning our Prepping. It was since Russia, China and North Korea. Even if a war or EMP doesn’t happen, I think there will be a food shortage.

I found this site and thought I can learn a few more things about Prepping and survival. I hope to learn something useful.

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  1. You might also want to check out the associated prepper forum.


  2. Hi,
    I’m in the Detroit lakes area looking for some like minded people. You can email me at
    preppedmama16 [at] gmail [dot] com

  3. I see you are still into starting prepping, are you starting a group?
    I live in Minnesota too, and have longtime experience in the prepping and survivalist movement.

    • Shai,
      Where about a in Minnesota are you? I’m trying to meet people like me but it’s very hard. I want to form a group and have regular meetings and training, etc.

    • Hello,
      I noticed your comment about you being in the survivalist community for a while. I’m new to this site but not to prepping -my family and I are still trying to find a good group to join somewhere in Minnesota. We come with supplies, positive attitudes, and many skill sets that will be useful to an aftertime group.

      Can we talk through PM?

      • Shai Michaels is away for a while. His girlfriend and he are somewhere in the SE USA.

        I’m wondering if you are committed to Minnesota or willing to relocate to another state in the SW. I’m actually looking for a few with religious beliefs and practices but not extreme, but will respect the beliefs of others.
        The area is totally off-grid and living there may be hard for many people.
        You can actually contact me through my email…
        m [dot] baumer54 [at] gmail [dot] com

      • Hello, I’m ponch. I have started a M.A.G in central MN. Currently there are 3 adults and 3 children. We are looking for others who would like to prepare with us. We have multiple prepps that are decently stocked. We are willing to talk with anyone interested in joining us regardless of age or color. We would also like to get to know other groups in the area for networking,training, and idea sharing for before and after an shtf situation.
        If interested you can contact me at ponch26 at g mail.
        Thanks for your time.

  4. Hello my Friend and Neighber I’m Ex-Army Look I may no the job of what your trying to do I’m Going a Group back home wear my family come from kinda think you should do the same now I have a Book i would like to send you on my own dime meaning you cant buy the book nor will I sell it to you but if your not a vet you may not get along with out it not many will have it Again this is to help you not to get to ever see you or any tricks Do you have a book called ” Veterans Health at home” Your lifetime Guide to symptoms, solutions and self care” if not some one you love gets sick this will be your go to before any other book then you should get other books to help when it gets dark in our country Now i will pay the postage for youy but you need this right away could send it on the first to a P.O. Box or better yet to general delivery just need a town and a zip code and a name of the person picking it up that has some sort of Id good luck David let me know