May 032016

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Coming to you live from central\north western Arkansas.Living here but not from there.

So what to say?We got stuff,We want to keep our stuff.We want to trade/barter our stuff with like-minded people.We our small group are looking to find the right type of people and skill sets to add to our mutual self-sustaining longevity.To some we may be a batch of paranoid nut bars just for being on this site.Why do we prep,why do you prep?What will S.H.T.F be?What will a W.R.O.L  situation look or be like?World history shows us many examples.Our country took a hard hit back in 1929 and a great and very hard working people who still had the survival chops/skills and know how to buckle down and ride the storm.

What we are willing to admit we have ha ha Opsec and all ya know.We have 40 acres rural land mostly forested large lake 1/4 mile off land great fishing,2 streams/creeks on property springs aplenty,deer,turkey even a black bear from time to time, small game birds and varmints galore.Note varmints not first choice but way better than last choices.See told you i was not from Arkansas.Just kidding Arkansas folks.We have chickens,goats and beautiful cute fluffy little bunny rabbits,that we eat.We have solar power enough for about 4 families with parts to build many more panels.We are working on hydro power as well you know for those cloudy days.We have planted many yummy crops cause veggies go well with meat.We also have a well.

What we are looking for varies,We could say like-minded people but chances are you do not think like us and that is ok,and by that i mean every body has their own points of view.We are looking to make friends perhaps become extended family in time.We are looking for partners not subservience We will ask nothing we are not willing to do our self.Sweat with us side by side working to better our situation,Plant crops with us and share our harvest,hunt with us and share our meat and fish.In times of trouble have our 6 and we will have yours.In good times we will build,work,train,laugh and play.If you are looking for a group and have some skills and the means to provide for yourself until we can make it so we can all provide for one and other perhaps we have a future together.

The right families are welcome,We love vets hardcore alpha dogs could fit well with a couple of our boys.We are looking for some of the black sheep so to speak you know who you are the ones who have told your family and friends what may happen what is happening in our country and in our world only to be met with blank stares or accusing glances.If you think it is better to have the sandbags in place before the waters rise or rounds fly we may be speaking to you.                [email protected]

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  1. Hi. Would you be interested in a family with not much to off but with great work ethic and willingness to learn and very honest?

  2. sent you an email and would like very much to talk with you
    look for email from [email protected] with subject “”your post””

  3. Hello, I have been prepping for about 10 years. I have 2 BOL 1 in Ouachita AK and the other in Mississippi. Both are over 80 acres. Mississippi is set up to care for up to 50 families with Public bath house and picnic area, There are 50 sites set up for cabins or RV. Electric and Water at each site. and Arkansas is new and was purchased as a back up location. I am looking for people to help take care of the land and protect it when things go bad. Please feel free to send a private message. Tom

  4. Any christians in this group? I and looking for same. Thanks

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