Jun 012016

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Sw Michigan prepper looking for those in the same or close location for info, training, and idea swaps, communication, and possible group meetings. 

  6 Responses to “Any downriver area preppers?”

  1. There are preppers in your area but obviously there are no bug-out locations there. Our retreat site is located in northern Michigan away from the hordes but we have members from your area as well as Indiana and Ohio if you want to talk.

    [email protected]

  2. Thank you for the response. I would love to talk. I really feel like a solitary survivor in doomed location here. Please share anything you wish to.

  3. Hi my name is Tom i’m 25 yrs old. I lived down river all of my life.trying to start up a group militia/prepper.. I’m open to suggestions and advice. There is no name of the group yet .So far it is just me possibly a couple others i have a few friends that might be interested also.there ages are between 25-40 I’m looking for people that are interested in being prepared for anything and be a part of a Brotherhood.Men or women. My fear is not being ready or organized when disaster occurs natural disasters or man-made ones. I imagine a group helping each other and others in need in tragedies no matter there color,race, beliefs or religion.I would like the group to Organize activities for our families, learn new things, have monthly meeting.. Communicate well with each other and to be ready! Email me

  4. Hey where abouts down river are you im intrested in possibly joining your group hows that going after about 2 years im near grand rapids

  5. I’m in the Taylor area.