Aug 292016

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Hello everyone I’m not going to lie I have only recently started to prep although I have always had the mindset. I have my food, gear, and weapons already. I suppose I’m listing this because I would love to meet people near me who may help with my preps and maybe some training. I have all of the medical training as far as EMR,EMT, Firstaid, and CPR covered. My downfall in my training is that it all has involved the proper gear at my disposal. I’m hoping to hear about some nifty tricks as well as survival techniques. Please email me with ideas and help at eanjurgens(at) gmail (dot)com. I appreciate the help and wish you all the best of luck with whatever the future holds.

  6 Responses to “Any preppers near Wyoming MN?”

  1. East Bethel. Would enjoy a meet, maybe coffee? I am free most of the time.

    • Im very interested in a meet up. I am free during the week most days near evening, since I am currently in school for my RN degree. Let me know where and when works best.

  2. welcome aboard, just south of you, lino lakes.

  3. “Already Gone” I would love a meet up just let me know where and when.

  4. Medical tech, good to hear from you, let’s correspond by e-mail first before we decide to meet up. you can e-mail me at {welderkat [at] aol [dot] com}