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looking for like minded people to get a group going

  18 Responses to “anyone around western nc or eastern tn?”

  1. My wife and I are in East TN and looking to connect with like minded people. You can email me at [email protected] or respond here. Are you in a good location or looking for a good location? We already have a great place and are looking for people, but we also want to work with neighbors.

    • hi i live in michagan and i am wanting to join up with a group i want to have a safe place to go to with my famaly when things get bad and if its not in my life time .i want to perpear for my kids to have a safe place to go we are belevers in christ and under stand propercy michagan is to flat of ground and to cold tenassee isent that far i dont want to move. but i want to do whats nesasary to get and have somthing for that time i would like to contact you and meet up sometime i am studying natrual med organic and how to grow food thank you, joann emil [email protected] contact i all so found off the grid land in tenassee but i cant get it perpeard by my self with that i need people to join me we could chep in little at a time

  2. I am in East TN also. [email protected].

  3. We are in Western NC sitting on the TN/NC boarder give us a yell and let’s throw some idea’s around.

    candcbargains[at] gmail [dot] Com

    • hi im from michagan and it is flat and cold country but its home i want to join up with a group or form a group i found off the grid land in tenassee cheep vary high up and sucluded i want to perpear somthing safe for my kids ther tenages if nothing happens in my life time thay will have a safe place to go i read propacy from the bible .i would like to talk with you can you contact me [email protected] joann thank you all i no right now is i need to have a place perpeard for when things get bad so if i can join up with outhers or chep in and fix up a safe place with a group eather way i no i need to act on it now

  4. I am in northeast georgia and would consider relocating
    do you have an email address i can write to

    • hi scout im joann im from michagan and im looking for people to join me and fix up a safe place for when things get bad i found cheep off the grid land in tenassee high up and hidden i need people to chep in with me and perpear it i study in organic med and garden we have time little by little we could get it ready we need christan bible propacy people that has understanding for peparation you can contact me i hope we can talk emil [email protected]

      • I appreciate your reply, however, things have changed for me.
        I recently inherited a small parcel of land here in Georgia, so I am planning to make this my safe place. This is where I will come when things go south and SHTF or whatever may happen.
        I am now looking for others who are in the right state of mind to come help me develop this land in preparation for the future.
        Even if I did not now have this land and were still looking for a place, I would have to decline your offer of contact. I am not a christian, and while I have nothing against christians, I have no interest in connecting with a group of them with respect to my future. I tried once to connect with group of believers and it did not end well.
        I am serious hard core about what I do, and in a community environment, surrounded by christians, I would not be able to live in a manner that works for me, and I would not be able to be who I am. I am not a fake and do not intend to place myself in an uncomfortable environment. I am a deeply spiritual man, but I do not believe in the same way that you do, and that will always be an issue, and will always be a problem.
        Several times I have tried to join up with believers but every time, the group began acting more like a religious cult and I have no interest in that sort of thing. Sadly there is no way anyone can ever convince me that this will not happen with their group or any other future group. A prepper group, in my personal opinion, built on religious ideology is high risk for developing cultist ideologies and no one can convince me this will not happen again. I have seen it happen to many times, and there is no reason for me not to expect it to happen again. I have no interest in subjecting myself to that scenario again.
        Again, thanks for your reply but I must respectfully decline.

        • I just want to say, this was a really well-written (and graceful & respectful) way to decline.
          And, bro, mad points for not ghosting.

          I also just want to pull out this part of the reply…
          “A prepper group, in my personal opinion, built on religious ideology is high risk for developing cultist ideologies and no one can convince me this will not happen again.”
          …before anybody starts gnashing teeth.

          It’s not an anti-religion or anti-Christian sentiment, or the guy saying he could never deal with Christians (or any particular religion).
          It’s a belief about base ideology of groups.
          As such, it’s no different than those of us who aren’t interested in living with militia-like barracks, anti-government groups, groups whose farms/gardens rely on shipped feed, fuels, and chemicals, groups with either of the two primary expectations for supply distribution, or groups/users who choose to avoid a certain subsect of society.
          I doubt I would be a good fit for a vegetarian or vegan group even if they went “no, it wouldn’t bother us for you to hunt and eat or raise chickens for eggs and stewpot 3-4 y/o birds”, or a group who sees animals as things that can be treated like an unfeeling packet of meat. Nor would I be a good fit for a group who thinks the little lady should be in the kitchen or sewing something while the big men handle the shooting and planning and dropping trees and fixing cars. I would not choose to subject myself to either of those groups, nor to a group/partner that did not allow me to openly and comfortably talk to God like the big dude has a sense of humor and is right there at all times, not just meals and bedtime and when my truck appeals to a large snake as a warm resting spot. Same thing.

          (You’re welcome to HMU on my rebecca admin email or prepper forum to further debate this one, but be 100% to direct any foaming-mouth attacks on me, not Scout.)

          • I want to thank you.
            You saw the intent of my response as it was meant, and did great explaining it.

            I just left a community a year ago because, while I was told it would be no problem, it became a problem.
            I am deeply spiritual but for me it is a very private thing. At the same time I am a soldier, a warrior. Because of this, being surrounded by Christians doesn’t general work because I am not always the sweet fluffy guy people would like me to be. At the same time I’m not the crazy gun-stroker who confuses Anarchy with Chaos.

            Fortunately I recently inherited this bit of soil so I no longer need to worry about finding the right community where I fit in. I’m hoping to find 3 or 4 people to come and help me create a nice retreat for about 6 people.
            Of course, having had my share of working with other communities (non of which I am allowed to discuss), I have a real good idea what works and what doesn’t work, so my vetting process, along with standards will be much different than most.
            I’m looking for just the right kind of people. People who’s minds are in the same place. It is absolutely imperative that we each maintain our own unique personalities, and respect each other in a manner which recognizes the line separating my rights from your rights, but only when everyone is on the same page with respect to goals and desired outcomes can anything work.

            Individual yet United

            P.S. What is “Ghosting”?

          • Ghosting is where we decide we don’t want to pursue something further and just ignore it like it never happened (direct emails to spam with or without reading and without replying, seeing the caller ID and hitting “ignore”, “unfollow” on Facebook instead of “unfriend”ing somebody – the latter of which is sometimes about not offending that soul but still saving our sanity).
            Usually it doesn’t provide the recipient with any idea why or what is going on. They just know they never heard back.

            You also could have just said “hey, my thing changed, good luck” or “hey, I think maybe we’re not a good fit” and rolled along merrily.
            And there would be NOTHING wrong with that.
            Instead, you said why you think you’re not only a good fit but feel it’s a dangerous mentality. Agree or disagree, the recipient has more to work with and a better understanding of what makes you feel that way. They can carry that forward without hangups, whether they give it thought or not. It’s explaining WHY “it’s not you, it’s me” instead of just walking out the door.

            I know there’s both sides of the coin on same-same-same-same personal beliefs – that to work in the long term we have to share a lot of the same grounds, versus the dangers of groupthink.
            I kind of figure that with a big enough goal/purpose, and depending on whether or not we respect differences or can’t abide by the differences, it can work. We manage in military barracks and units all the time, and so do cops and FF’s. (Flip side, coasties and DNR peeps split on closing a fishing season to commercial and rec fishermen but not natives will tell us almost automatically who has a fisherman in the family and which political divide they’re on. But, with some exceptions, they get past it, for the job and what the job gives them or provides for family/bigger picture.)
            So keep on plugging. You’ll find your tribe. (Sometimes when/where you least expect it.)
            🙂 – Pup

  5. not sure who just tried to email me from this group but you sent a virus

  6. hello im joann im from michagan me and my famaly is looking for good bible propercy belevers that understands the times and need to get perpard for when bad times hit we need skills or willing to lern skills we need people that dont have a lot of money to perpear but by us all cheping in money here and ther of what we can aford we can have a safe place for are famalys. no drugs we need to be a group that looks after each other sticks together and takes the lord serous if not wy waist are time and energy.i want good serious people that no terable times a head is what we are fixing up a place for. i am willing to go in to a group or form a group i dont have compleat money to fix a safe place on my own i found cheep off the grid land i no what we need contact me [email protected] and the land is in diffrent places .i thought tenassee would be a good place

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