Aug 042016

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Just posting to meet more preppers in Maryland. (this does not exclude surrounding states) I am in Baltimore County and just about everywhere Maryland is an hour to an hour and a half away. I am networking with other preppers in Maryland and putting myself out there so others know that they are not alone. I am not inviting you to join a retreat, or asking for your money for anything, or trying to tell you how to prep. I am just trying to find other preppers in Maryland so that we can have a network of people to share information and help each other if needed. If you have a bug out spot or not, awesome, if you have been doing this for 30 years or 30 minutes, great. If things get bad then we need to know where our friends are north, east, south and west. Hope to hear from you.

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  1. I am in carroll county near balt line you can e mail me to discuss meeting

  2. I’m just over the line in York county, pa. Grew up in parkton. I’d be interested in talking. Email me at [email protected]. Hope to hear from you

  3. I am in Upper Marlboro Maryland, and looking to have a meeting out in the woods for a weekend with potential people to form a solid group. I am Native American and my experience with the American Indian Movement usually had me in charge of food and water. I am Oglala Lakota and also a former Iron Worker meaning that I can fix and build things. I do not have a car at this moment, but am willing to pull resources with someone who is willing to get me to our rendezvous point. If anyone is interested, I would like to call a meeting before all the “regulated” campgrounds are closed for the season.

  4. Hi I’m a prepper in Essex Baltimore county

  5. Hey all,

    Prepper in Parkville, MD here. The current social climate has brought me here. Been prepping for a few years but I am realizing our strength will be our ability to work together.

  6. Baltimore County, prepping with common sense. Still much to learn as I realize each day this is not just a hobby as it started out as. This is my first attempt to share my efforts to prepare for the uncertain future. Ready and willing to consider prepping and survival with level headed like minded individuals. I feel as though I have done a fair job at preparing for short term but still need to prepare for unknown long term off the grid survival. I believe this is the common reason why we all prepare

  7. Hey, I’m a bit late to this post for the Maryland group, but if you’re still checking here, you can add me. I’m currently in Montgomery County but I’ll be moving soon. Not sure if I’ll still be in the county, but I’ll still be in MD for sure.

    I would add my email address but I need to make a throwaway address first. I don’t want to give out my main address for spammed or for poor OpSec.

  8. Hi MD Prepper,

    I live near Havre de Grace, MD and am interested in finding like-minded folks in case of the SHTF from any number of manmade or natural causes. I’ve done a lot of research to prep for a bug-in experience and a few possible bug-out scenarios. Am looking to possibly join a network of Maryland preppers that could share ideas, experiences and discuss possible bug-out plans in future. We all could use a few more friends that plan for future events that may try our spirits.

    I’m not a crazy, a born again Christian, a militant militiaman, or any other sort of wierdo. My interest in prepping started kind of like a hobby, and became more like a constantly evolving insurance policy. Hope I never have to use its full benefits. On the other hand, I really want to be prepared for the unexpected.

    My goal is to meet some new like-minded friends, learn some helpful things, and maybe join a group that can help one another, when and if the need arises.

    I’d love to get some pointers from you folks on how I can network in the Northern Maryland area with others preppers.

    Thanks ahead of time — we’re all in this together!

  9. Any MD preppers still paying attention to this site? If so please respond, always looking to meet like minded individuals.