Feb 162019

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Hello, I am a prepper located in Victoria county in Tx and I’m intrested in joining a small group to get together with, I am still fairly new to the area and would like to meet up with like minded folks. I am a licensed EMT-B working for a private security firm doing security and Industrial EMS, in addition to my medical training I have formal firearms training, experience with hunting, fishing, farming and working with livestock. I’m not new to prepping and have my own supplies, I don’t have a bug out location as of yet.

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  1. We are in Atascosa County around Jourdanton. Is this near you. We have a small group with a few members. 60 acre bug out location with gardens, animals, and bunker. Please give your GENERAL location for Opsec.

  2. Hello, are you still out there? Just saw your post this morning, am new to this website, and rest assured with all the obnoxious trouble to “log in” I won’t be back on it. If you are still interested call me at 3614890785. I’m in Victoria also and own a small tract (1.5 acres} out in the country about a mile out of town. We have the tract covered in mulch and will begin our fourth year of gardening next month. We do not work with smokers, druggies, or liberals. It will not cost you anything to partner with us, but you must at a minimum grow your own food. We do not, and never will have electricity on site. We do have a generator for pumping water from the deep well though. We do not own animals, but may get some chickens later this year. Do not expect to start this endeavor without making some serious lifestyle adjustments. Rather you join us or not we wish you the very best. Christ bless and stay safe.

    • Also, anyone, anywhere in the world that is a believer in Jesus Christ and Him only, and just wants to get away from it all, wind down from the stress, live and let live, is welcome to contact me (3614890785}. Please do not contact me if you want to overthrow the government, worry about alien abductions, a 29 yr. old grandmother, own a 35 year old volkswagon minibus, change the color of your hair every other day, are afraid of the dark, believe in the rapture, Pentecostal, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, or convinced that the world owes you a living. Also, We must limit participants to no more than six additional members. In closing, if you are convinced that societal collapse is coming to America and you need to begin taking immediate steps to soften the blow and extend your lifespan then teaming could be a great positive for both you and I. Blessings to all and thanks.