Feb 092018

Hello.  Is there anyone near Covington, Virginia?  I am looking at that area as a potential place to move as it fits many of my requirements and it would be great to find others there like minded.  I have a very long post just below this one dated January 27th.

  One Response to “Anyone near Covington, VA?”

  1. Hi, I left you an email you can contact me with. Before you make any decision on where to settle, take a look at what I’m offering. I have ample resources to settle where ever I want, just like to share skills with like persons. Here’s the email again:

    prepare @ use . startmail . com

    Just enter it as you would any email address. I put the extra spaces in so it looks like an email address. This is what it would look like otherwise

    prepare [at] use [dot] startmail [dot] com