Apocalyptic Ammunition for the Survivalist in you



Imagine if the grid goes down one day. There are plenty of movies about this type of situation, and the reactions of people portrayed in these are pretty accurate. In fact, they have been noticed and observed in multiple scenarios on a smaller scale. People panic, and then the more hostile part of them emerges. They start looting stores, rioting, and engaging in a whole lot of criminal activity. Some people do this out of sheer need while others do it for nothing more than fun.

Start stocking up now

This chaotic outcome is very possible indeed. With a disaster of a global magnitude, governments and treasuries would collapse. This would render all currency absolutely useless, meaning that people would have to resort to the old school barter system in order to survive. For example, you would have to use food to buy gold coins, and so on. If the barter system becomes the only way in which you can trade goods, you need to think about what exactly you want to have on hand when the time comes for you to start trading.

The basics of bartering

For the layman, the barter system is actually quite easy to understand. It involves the purchase of goods or services from another person without using money. Instead, you exchange the good or service that you want with one that you are offering of similar value. For example, if you were to have many crops in your garden and your neighbor has a ton of chickens in theirs, you could trade some tomatoes for some eggs every morning. Money wouldn’t be changing hands but the goods would. This is a prime example of the barter system in action.

In the event that the national or global grid coughs on us, the barter system could actually be how business transactions are conducted in the future. The concept dates back to the Stone Age, but it has been replaced by paper currency purchases in most applications in the present day.

Now that you have a basic idea of what the barter system is and how it works, you need to start stockpiling the things you will barter when you are in a survival situation following a disaster. However, before you do this you need to figure out what you want to trade these items for. After you are done with this, you can embark on the hunt for the right items to stockpile. There are some basic items that are good enough for everyone who is trapped in a survival situation.

  1. Food – This is the obvious first choice on the list. After a disaster happens, there are bound to be a few people without food who desperately need it. Need it enough to trade with you.
  1. Water purifiers
  1. Ammunition for guns
  1. Antibiotics and bandages
  1. Toilet paper and tampons
  1. Candles and lighters
  1. Batteries for torches
  1. Propane tanks
  1. Alcohol and cigarettes
  1. Books to pass the time

In the end though, food and water remain your primary goals. Trust your survival instincts and stay safe during this time.