Mar 182018

Hello fellow preppers! I’m currently looking for local preppers who would be interested in building our own self sustaining green community in northern Az.

  4 Responses to “Arizona Preppers”

  1. Sure where are you looking into. I am in the show low/pinetop area. Let me know. I am on 40 grid mtns lakes rivers mild snow here

    • just found this site. i’m a hardcore, ex-military-1st infantry division-survivalist-antler hunter-19years-defensive-offensive-combat trained-proficient with any firearm on this planet-been studying war-combat tactics my whole life. pulled down over 8000 elk sheds-walked around planet almost 2 times. and lots more! I currently live in winslow, armpit of az haha. would like to meet other preppers in area. open to ideas-very motivated