Dec 232016

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Visit our Christian prepper website to see our most visited article on why the Ozark mountains are the safest place on earth… according to several sciences and according to an open vision God gave Corrie ten Boom. Our articles give the founders testimony of his calling to this type of ministry. We are about to start making mini villages of mini homes. You might want to look into this.

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  1. Hi, I am interested in joining up with a group in the Ozarks. Do you have more information on any established communities or groups that I could partner with? Thank you so much.

  2. Hi Susane,

    Thank you for responding to my post!

    We will know in the next 10 days if we have the funding to go into the business of building and selling mini homes, and also making our own mini villages (several) where different kinds of groups can set up their communities. We hope to have the financing to buy the land and set up the infrastructure and haul in the homes. Many models will be available, so people can pick the model that suits them.

    And of course, I will be setting up a Pentecostal Christian community that is Pre Wrath, self sufficient, and off the grid.

    But, since we are making it possible for people like yourself to come in and start/finance one of these villages, does this interest you?

    There is one Christian community over by Siloam Springs that is Messianic. The pastor/founder/owner is Joe Fox. He is a retired Green Berate officer, and that is reflected in his leadership. I have met him and we get along fine. Here are some of his videos.

    There is a community –so to speak– over by Kingston that is more like a housing project than a community. But it sure is pretty there, and they have a 30 acre lake. I know all the leadership there too. Fine people… Their website is terribly old. Those little girls are married now, but the contact information is good.

    Living Springs Christian Community
    Welcome to LIVING SPRINGS: More than a place to live… More than a community of friends… More than a Church… We are in the process of seeing …

    I hope I was of some help. Let me know.