Jul 282016

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Checking in, new to the site, but not new to being prepared. Northern Idaho here. looking for likeminded individuals or families to share experiences, ideas and advice with.

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  1. Where in Northern Idaho? We are in Elk City.

  2. OK. About a 5 hour drive to our north. We’re pretty much in the middle of nowhere – middle of the Nez Perce Nat Forest.

  3. Hello from Helena Mt about 6 hours to the east. Tundraboar you really are out there in a beautiful place.

  4. My wife and I are traveling to Sandpoint from here in Southwest Oregon in mid-October to scope things out, possibly relocate. Need recommendations on decent place to stay for a few days that won’t break the bank. Also want to find if there is a community of preppers in N. Idaho to network with.

    • Hello pipinglion, still looking ourselves to network with peppers here in North Idaho, there are several groups though in this area. We are south of Sandpoint, don’t go there much so can’t help you out in recommending a place to stay. We are linked up in a group in our area. If your interested in our group let me know or I can recommend someone to contact that may know groups in the Sandpoint area.