Jul 112021

So like most just couldn’t do the city any more. Purchased 5 acres, put up a fence and solar and working on septic and a green house. Have a few chickens and plan on more animals. Sure is a ton of work but at the end of the day it feels good to be building a self sustaining simple life. Rite now it’s myself 54 year old male and a 53 year old female. We could see a couple or a few single people who want to help build this joining forces. Plenty of room and super quiet and private. You would be responsible for living quarters (an RV or?). If you have an interest hit me up and we can talk about it. Good luck people in it’s a crazy world.


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  1. I have been looking at land up north, but it will be a process, question is, how can you store supplies/food without risk of people stealing it, are there underground storage options ?

  2. I have a shipping container.

    • but if you can’t be there all the time, are they good to keep people out ?
      I have to assume a lot of folks looking to break in are not carrying a ton of tools

  3. We are near ashfork as well. Long time preppers looking to expand our numbers. Hit me up

  4. Good morning. Do you have a signal account?

  5. I value my privacy so I use signal app to encode my text. It’s free. I would like to discuss things with you asap.

  6. Been looking for land around ash fork/ Williams for about a yr. for off grid living used to live in Williams area. But job took me away for yrs. live outside of Tucson now but would like to get back up there. I’ve been a prepper for 30 yrs. had a beauty of a preppers paradise but had to sell. My place i have now is setup nice but not where I want to be. If someone has the room I would like to talk. Just need to build small cabin around a camper or build a small garage to live in and store supplies. I can farm, work on just about anything. I’ve done my own electric,plumbing,sewer and construction. Retired from railroad. I got my sweetheart prepping 2 yrs ago. She’s a really good cook and gardens and cans. We are prepped really good right now. We are supplied with more than just food and ammo. Iam 56 and she is 54. Please let’s meet and talk and see what happens. I have a friend in Williams that just passed away and iam going up there soon to visit my friend and help her out let me know. My name is Robert :

  7. Hello there,
    I am interested as well & prefer another form of communication also. I am Phoenix resident looking for integration with like minded people. Please excuse my brevity as well. My email address is [email protected]. Thank you

  8. We are in the ash fork area “knolls”. Started our off grid homestead last year, rain catchment, solar, chickens, goats, fruit trees, garden etc. seems to be quite a few of us around here. Perhaps a local meeting is needed. Seed swap, chat, ideas etc. Our biggest current concern is theft, we havent been hit but wife said there are issues being posted on social media mostly in the juniper ranch area.

  9. Anyone know of groups near Kingman? If not are you still looking for people to join your group?