May 042018

I am in what could be called the lower NE portion of the state of Georgia, somewhere between Athens and Augusta. I have a small parcel of land that if worked correctly could support as many as 6 people full time, and allow for some exchange/trade/barter with neighbors and even networking with others within a limited distance.

I am interested in connecting with those who are fully employed, who wish to remain in their current situation, while investing (financially and with labor) in what will be their retreat if and when the time comes to make that move. This land is not large enough to support numerous houses but can accommodate a few campers within a limited size. We are intentionally trying to keep this small, so as not to arouse a lot of attention (quiet discretion is of utmost importance).

The nearest town to us is 7 miles with a population of 1,520. The next nearest town is 14 miles away with a population of 3,978. These are numbers as of 2016. I can assure you that the population has not grown much since 2016, so we are talking about rather small towns. What this means is that when everything goes to pot the vast majority of these people will be headed to either Athens or Augusta. I know this because over the years as I have gone to town for shopping and other errands, as I try to talk to people, it is obvious they do not believe anything I tell them, and they think I am a complete kook. In over 10 years of quietly prepping and acquiring supplies, I have not yet met anyone who shows any interest in what we as preppers take so seriously. This tells me that after all is said and done, there won’t be many people if any left in this area, after a social or economic crash/collapse. Sounds like a darn good place to be if you ask me.

Another interesting tidbit of information is that, our position on the map puts us surrounded by thousands of acres of forested lands (much of which is owned by members of my family), with scattered pasture land and ponds. This will provide us with more than adequate hunting and fishing, as well as wells, creeks and springs from which we can draw water. We also have neighbors who have horses and livestock.

As you can see, we are situated in a rather comfortable position to be completely self sufficient if and when the time comes.

Interested parties can reply to this post or email me directly at wisperingwoods [at] outlook [dot] com

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  1. A good place to meet potential additions to your group is Southeastern Preppers Network: We have events for the purpose of getting to know each other and several groups have been formed through them similar to what you’re looking for; I’m in one myself, in the general area where you’re located.