I live in Iowa, and have been prepping since about 2001. I was introduced to it by a friend who has been prepping and living off grid for more then 30 years.

Jun 122016

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I live in Cedar Rapids and am looking to either join or start a group of local like minded people that not only want to exchange skills, but will get plans in motion to survive after collapse as a group. I tried organizing an event through Facebook before, but a lot of people tend to lack motivation just to show up for a meet and greet.

I don’t know what disaster might knock out our grid, but I believe there are two likely outcomes that follow any major disaster.  First is civil unrest…  We got jack wagons right now that can’t behave themselves and start riots just because they don’t like someone, or because they got their little feelings hurt.  No one ever sat around singing cumbaya after a disaster, and from the looks of it we wont even need a disaster to start it. People can be worse then the worst animals out their when it comes to their survival. And going from the most entitled country to the 3rd world will only make it a nightmare.  Second is Marshal Law provided there is a government remaining to implement it. At the rate they’re burning through our hard earned cash to prep their own bunkers, buy their bullets, and hoard their MRE’s… I’m willing to bet they will be.

I prep material things on a budget, but I believe the best prep is knowledge and training. Some people think they will just store up a bunch of supplies, take a few pot shots at some marauders from their couch while drinking their stockpile beer and live happily ever after…. unacceptable. If you’re not the hardest group out there, you’re not the Alpha, and if you’re not the alpha you wont survive when the Alpha group decides you got what they want.  Safety is in numbers, planning, training, and knowledge… everything else is just missions.

I have studied wilderness survival since 2001 some of which was with the Navajo Indians, urban survival/combat, a little into asymmetric fighting, helped train troops, and protected dignitaries in a combat zone. I was an Infantry man and armorer and served in the Army for 6 years, I’ve done security all together for about 5 years, and that includes some time in disaster areas. I have lived and worked on farms, and with the Amish learning organic agriculture. I studied engineering principles that help me understand how to turn junk into something that works. I have tried to study every useful skill from how to pick locks to building batteries.  Still…. all this means nothing without having others to watch your 6, pull security so you can sleep, or help build a community back up.  I am interested in continuing to learn, and help develop plans to survive this, not just ride things out, and im looking for other people who want the same thing.