Dear readers, Hello! My name is Misty, I am 43 years old from the Yukon Canada. I am married (Curtis, 38) and have 4 children. 1 Son is grown and has a girlfriend and lives next door. The other 3 children are 13, 12, and 7. We have been off grid most of the children’s life. I am the last of a line of people that were raised in the bush and living Primarily off the land. From birth to 20 I was a trappers daughter. We built log cabins with sweedsaw’s and axes. Carried water from a lake and chopped holes in the ice for water. Walked miles tracking animals for furs and food. Grew gardens, fished, hunted, gathered, canned, jammed, dried, and stored. Had root cellars, icebox’s, food cashes. To put it short I have many years of experience in survival. I would enjoy talking with others on every level of their path. I can do my best to answer questions and give advice. Blessings one and all.