We are in rural Creek County, but looking for a small acreage to build on near like-minded people. We currently have 135 acres, a house, and several outbuildings, but are on a state highway with neighbors who aren't getting ready for tomorrow, much less bad times. We are thinking that this location will not be safe in a TEOTWAWKI situation. We have been actively focused on getting ready for about 6 years. We hunt, fish, and garden. I can, dehydrate, and sew. We have a working farm with chickens, goats, sheep, pigs, and quail, but are thinking of reducing the numbers of animals, because with just two of us, we can't take care of them all. We're Christians and retired teachers with good income, at least for now. We were recently seated at the conference table to sign a purchase agreement on an acreage in a community of like-minded people, but discovered just before signing the papers that the sellers would not allow us to have the septic inspected prior to closing. Alarm bells! Now we are back to square one, looking for good neighbors in a more secure location. We would like to live in a remote cluster of homes, near people with skills and supplies, on a dirt road somewhere in eastern OK, away from big towns, preferably south of Tulsa and east of OKC, or in western Arkansas.

Jan 042017

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Two retired teachers, looking for a small acreage off the beaten track where we could build a little cabin. We almost bought 5 acres in between two families of preppers and across a dirt road from several others, but the sellers wouldn’t allow us to inspect the septic before closing, so we refused to sign the sales contract.

We would like to have neighbors who would band together and help each other when things go bad, which was what we thought we had found. If there was any other land out there for sale, we would buy it, but there isn’t.

We both hunt and fish, and my husband can butcher the animals. I have a lot of experience gardening, canning, dehydrating, and sewing.  We’ve stocked up on lots of things, including fabric, needles, patterns for simple tops and pants for all sizes, thread, elastic, etc., first aid supplies, linens, seeds, etc. We currently have a working farm that could go off grid at any time. Solar power, wells. ponds, gardens, livestock, but it is on a state highway with neighbors that might not be cooperative in a crisis.  We have decided that this place is not going to be safe for us, with no community of like-minded people nearby. If we weren’t on the highway, we would invite folks to come here, maybe sell off small portions of our place to other preppers, but that highway isn’t going to go away.

So if you know of somewhere we could build a BOL, we would like to hear about it, please.


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