Jun 302016

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I am former military, wife is an Rn looking for groups or individuals to coordinate with for preparedness for what this society is about to experience whether it be financial,global,marshal law or EMP or similar disasters. I myself have many skills and have been prepping for about 8 years but been more active about it last 2 years. I have even started to manufacture tiny homes on wheels. I have land north of cities which has 3 natural springs located on it but with job,time and raising kids have not had much time to work it. Am not looking for military driven ideas or actions but will defend life liberty and freedom. Would like to possibly establish some meets maybe once a month to share ideas and concerns and work with others so we may prosper in surviving and stay ahead of what may be this worlds downfall. I can be reached at bko [three111three26]  [ 3111326 ]