Sep 252017

Dear Friends,

There is a “Preppers Paradise” that is up for sale around the corner from me. 

I’m not into this for a dime, and don’t know the seller.  The only reason I put this out is that I’d rather some good Prepper Folks buy it, instead of some drunken idiot from Chicago. 

I have been to this property – it is a great deal.  Very, very secluded.  This is not for “Prepper Wannabes”.  The people who buy this would have to have their act together.  Yes……we do actually have Winter up here.  If you want warm weather year round, then head down South, and join the crowds (key word: crowds!).  One thing I always tell folks – in tough times, you’re number one advantage up here is LOW POPULATION DENSITY.  Sorry, but the overwhelming majority of humans are idiots, and nor prepared for their next bowel movement.  If 9/10 people are clueless, doesn’t it make sense to be in an area where there are many fewer people?  Check this place out:
We have a small farm nearby.  Would love to have some of you fine folks as neighbors.  God Bless!

Mar 142016

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Hi Friends,

We are a Christian Family with a small homestead in the beautiful and pristine U.P. of Michigan. There are many people who may not be able to purchase rural acreage, and they sometimes join in with a Prepper Group.
If you are a healthy family, or couple that would like a place to spend the Summer, maybe we should talk.
We are looking for a family that is Christian, and would like to park their Travel Trailer out back here on our land – in exchange for helping out around the place.
Of course, it would have to be the right “fit” for both of us.
Possibly even people that wanted to learn some farming skills.
Spring is here, and Summer is on the way.

Email: bobanddarlene1 AT yahoo DOT com