I am a 51 year old male with a wife and 2 sons. We have been prepping for over 10 years now. We are looking for a prepper group or family with like minded thinking to join together when SHTF. I have a very large cache of firearms and ammo but do not belong to a militia, simply a lover of the 2nd amendment. I am also a 25 year RN that has worked in ER, ICU and oncology. I am extremely skilled at my trade. I am also very mechanically inclined and can fix almost anything i put my mind to. I have taught firearm instruction in the past and am an excellent teacher. HMU if you think we might be a fit. I do not use instant messaging but have email and phone/text.

Apr 052021

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My family and I have been prepping for around 10 years now. I have acquired 90% of my families preps from Firearms/Ammo, Generator both Gas/Propane and solar, food and water cache to last 12 months, medical supplies to last for several years. I am a 25 year RN currently working on my FNP. I am a master gardener and I am skilled in raising live stock. My firearms skills are at a master’s level and I can repair just about any firearm.  We are looking for a stable preppers group that we can grow with.