Retired 65 yr old facilities engineering professional. Current instructor for Fort Bragg ACAP program. Former facilities engineering executive for government facilities world-wide. Author of 'The Art of Understanding Your Building's Personality' found in Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Inventor of US Patent 4,234,874 (1980), in frequency-hopping communications technology. Always seeking relations and friends within the Prepper community. Self sustaining in transportation, months of food, water and mobile shelter with heat.

Dec 012020

Located in Nashua, NH. Have a spare bedroom for a likeminded Prepper when it is time to bug-out from where you are. However, eventually we too may need to bug-out from here in southern NH to a more northern destination should the times become unsustainable. We have prepped to be self-sustaining in bug-out SUV travel, food, water, mobile shelter, heating & lighting fuel, and electronic citizens-band (Ham) communication. Reaching out to likeminded preppers to meet and greet.