Myself, wife and two children here in the SFV/LA area. I have basic CPR and Medical training, access to two BOLs with year round water. We hike and mountain bike, I hit the range once a month. Trying to get wifey more on board with that. We grow most of our own vegetables in our garden, no room for chickens and rabbits or we would do that too. We have 4 months of preps on hand, 6 if we really rationed hard. But the unfortunate reality is that the four of us are not enough in true SHTF scenarios and I feel like we are headed closer to that with each passing day. Looking to actually make contact and establish a MAG with like minded folks in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. -W

Nov 292021

Any other SoCal preppers on here ?  I know, I know – ‘Git Out Them Big Cities Now !!! ‘  Just not in my cards for a while, unfortunately.

I have basic CPR/Med training and supplies.  We grow most of our own root vegetables and greens out of our small garden.  We have 4 months of preps on hand – 6 if we rationed it.  We hike and mountain bike and I hit the range once a month. 

Trying to get wifey more on board with that, she knows her way around a Glock at least.  If SHTF really hits our Nation and living in the city is no longer tenable, we have access to two different BOLs with running water.  Getting there is the challenge of course, and we are prepped for that as best as we can be.  My family and I are not the hardest-core preppers out there but we have a good start, so I feel the next step for us is to get involved in a place like this and make some contacts and establish a MAG in some capacity or other.

Most of our neighbors have their heads completely up their *sses, can’t even talk to them about earthquake preparedness.  I’m done wasting my breath in that department, so I hope this bears fruit.