Oct 112017

We are looking to sell a few 3 Acre parcels for mostly labor if you are willing to work for it. in the Missouri Ozarks.

New community forming and need about 10 general laborers. $1k down 2 days a week general labor to payoff your loan.
(Labor will be forestry, concrete, construction. Creek and pond maintenance. general cleanup. Manual labor not much riding in / on machines.)
We will be planting 1000 fruit and berry bushes per lot. Trail Maintenance, building and planning out a village.

Here is a chance to live rent free on your own land if you want, With $1k down.  Planned opening Spring / Summer 18

Help us build a community part time in exchange for your buy in.

Big city, St Louis 75 Miles away and other towns for employment outside the development.

you can email me direct at Digger73 and you know the @ symbol then to protonmail.ch


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