Experienced health care provider. I bring a set of unique skills that might be helpful.. Not looking to bug out with people. Looking to hunker down but i'm well aware I need more than my family no matter how capable they might be.Also and the toughest to find. I'm not fatalistic. I'm simply paying attention and see people at the very least need to be prepared because when things go bad they go bad fast. Level headed educated in whatever there specialty might be. Like electrician or auto mechanic to dentist.

Oct 032020

Looking for local individuals that understand trust comes from showing you deserve to be trusted but are still willing to give forming or being part of a group is a crucial part of being prepared. I think 6 to 10 people will be needed. Two modern day collapses have occurred and a few survivors wrote books. All the books have one thing in common and only one. You cannot do it alone. Not looking for any kinda trouble. Looking simply to be with people that feel the same but all bring a certain set of skills that will be needed. In short not a doomsday prepper but definitely prepared but realize I can’t do this with just my family.