Jul 302016

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Smart and well prepared family looking to purchase a few acres of bugout and/or homestead land. Any advice on the best areas to look at would be greatly appreciated. Any prepping groups out there, we would love to hear from you. Anyone who wants a good neighbor that will stand and work hard or stand and fight hard, let me know. I am constitutionally minded and have taken the oath to defend it. Fully skilled in all prepping areas; background checks are ok. So please, if you know of a few good acres (paying cash) let me know as I am heading out that way soon.

PS… I don’t suffer fools!

Admin Edit: Please send the location/real estate suggestions via the Private Messaging system (or leave an email for contact) so this one doesn’t turn into a pro-con debate, or take the pro-con debates over to the forum side where they can be dissected at length. Cheers!