Former active duty Airborne Recon with combat experience. Decades of service as a US Foreign Intelligence Operative with CIA, NSA, and DIA. Global travel experience. Husband and father. Three published books (all three went through CIA's Pre-pub process before publication) recounting unclassified recounts of my training and missions. Devout Christian. Been a "prepper" since being in foreign countries and seeing exactly how bad things will get. Learned a lot from locals about what it takes, and its not gadgets. Provide a full range of prepper training across the US for individuals, families and groups. Often for free, especially for church groups or groups of families just getting started. Own operating real estate and that gives me almost excess free time and I devote most of that to developing my skills and working knowledge of short-burst (tactical) and long-range (strategic) preparedness. Live on a mountain side in the very very north east corner of Alabama.