Jan 102016

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New here and recently back in SW NM. Got a lot on my agenda.

First of all, I’m hoping to network with fellow patriots/Constitutionalists, especially Christians and preppers. I’m a veteran of the Airborne Infantry and I’ve studied military history so I have some skills to draw on should the Cold Civil War turn hot out here. Unfortunately, I’m only now starting to get some food reserves built up. I mention all that just to let you know where I stand. I’m not looking to lean on anybody or be a parasite. I don’t take without contributing or giving back. When the SHTF I’d like to know where friendlies are in my area. You know the deal–safety in numbers; mutual defense, somebody you can trust on your flank.

Secondly, before the SHTF, I would like to join or start a home church/home Bible study somewhere near the Artesia area, possibly as far south as Carlsbad or north as Roswell. I believe the true Church (not the apostate church) will soon need to move underground, as it had to in most countries around the world for most of AD history. The time to make the transition is now, while some of our freedom is still intact.

Thirdly (and I mention this just in case, because it is necessary in my current situation) I am looking to buy a home somewhere around here. Not in a town or crammed too close to neighbors. Preferably with at least a few acres. Shop, pole barn or big garage is almost a necessity, too. Well water. Existing fence would be nice. Don’t know how much time America has, but I would like a place to raise my son and where the dogs can run before our borrowed time runs out.

If I sound like a radical wingnut doomsdayer, well, guilty as charged.