I've been a prepper for about 10 years, I have made connections in Ireland, England and the US and a couple in OZ. I've found it very hard to get in touch with serious preppers in NSW so I became somewhat of a lone prepper, but decided to see what the world is up to again down under. I hope to find like minded people, I'd love to share my knowledge and establish more reliable friendships in OZ.

Any NSW/Sydney Preppers?

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Aug 142016

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Hey guys just wondering if there’s any like minded folk in Sydney.

I’ve been a prepper for 10 years and I am looking to establish some decent and trustworthy connections in Sydney.

I’ve recently returned from overseas so I had to leave all my stuff behind and I am starting again bare, though that doesn’t bother me so much because I don’t really need the fancy gear.

Anyway if you’re interested email me on leok28784[@]hotmail[dot]com