1992-1994 FAST Team 6: Fleet Anti-Terrorism Company: Infantry: Worked with CIA, State Department, FBI, Secret service other US and non-US Government agencies: Combat Somalia 1993 Mogadishu and many other missions. Skills: Close quarter combat, Counter surveillance, Physical security, urban combat techniques, martial arts, evasive driving, radio operations, small unit tactics, and US embassy operations. 1994-1995 2/4 5th Marines: Infantry Platoon Sgt 1995 Marine Corps Staff NCO Academy EL Toro California: Chief of Operations: 0151 1995 1st Battalion, 25th Marines, 4th Marine Division: Infantry: Cold weather ops unit New Hampshire 1995-1997 D 2 Battalion 23rd Marine reserves los Alamitos California: Infantry: DEA counter drug ops against cartels 1996 JTF and other missions. 1997-2004 US Army 3/160th 1997-2004: 11b Infantry and 11m Bradly Tank Commander: Deployed for War on Terror 2002-2003 Many Military Metals, Awards, and Commendations: Available Upon Request

May 142022

Looking for a group of preppers in Dallas or east Texas.  I am a former special forces US Marine looking for a group of people that are like minded.  I have been prepping since 2000.  I can train people how to fight and survive, any where, any time.  I have everything….. land, beans, bullets, band aids, ect.  I have 4 degrees….. I own a business in Dallas but work has isolated me to the point I only have my Marine buddies that are spread out all over the country.  I would like to join up with a local group.  I am bought 40,000 rounds of ammo under Obama…. just so you understand.  Im selling my bunker in Utah and have bug out property in Belize and Texas already.   I want to join a group.  If you want some free training on how to shoot you can text me as well Im always at the range.  Lets see who reaches out lol Im the real deal…..