I have a complete workshop where I build tools, and can provide electricity backup, emergency radio etc skills. I need to learn how to use weapons.

Sep 092016

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I will be in Stafford/N.Virginia on September 20-25 and again on November 20-27 this Fall.

I quit my company job to focus on DIY solar electric and have very low cost alternatives to the usual pay and play equipment.  I have a workshop in Fredericksburg and another in Japan (where I am building out microgrids and providing DIY kits for solar electric).  If you have any interest in DIY Solar Electric please contact me and I will set up something in Stafford County or even another location of your choice.

Let’s get moving on our energy self sufficiency and resilience!

best regards

Marvin M

(you can contact me through if you cant get a message via this group)

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