May 112020

Strong Christian family looking for fellowship and mutual support. Currently reside in San Diego but would like to exit CA if possible. I have looked to start a group in So Cal before and most of the responses were “Move out of CA”, ha. I am not in a position to move just yet, looking at 2 to 3 years assuming things don’t implode before then. Would like a loose nit group where we live independently but have each others backs and will assist in times of need. Would like to fellowship but also train, discuss skills and preps, help each other, everyone has something to contribute. I am also considering Palm Springs/Borrego, but I am not sure the desert is a good place to retreat to, there is very limited water and food. AZ seems to be a better alternative and I would consider traveling to AZ to meet with like minded people. Phoenix is maybe 6 to 8 hour drive, not too bad, . And maybe Yuma or Quartzite, we could discuss that. I have some ideas for Yuma, and very inexpensive property there. Anyway, I am open to options and would even consider TX. TX has many advantages, no income tax, cheap (in some places) property, very conservative people, pro 2nd amend, good water, …..  But I cannot really consider TX an option for 3 or 4 years. Want to get my youngest thru HS. Praying for God to lead.