44 year old Native American (former electrician, general construction worker and Iron Worker/Bridge Builder). Oglala, Lakota with bow skills, food preservation and prep, water purification and various ways to make fire.

Jul 212017

I am not a group or organization, nor do I teach any classes.  I am a Woodswoman/Survivalist seeking Survivalists and Preppers in their 30’s and 40’s.  I am located in Upper Marlboro, and looking for people with a lot of stamina, within reasonable distance for weekend excursions into the woods and possibly camping at some point.  Big game hunters and gun enthusiasts welcome.

I believe that work compatibility is just as important for survival in the woods as skill set, which is why I am appealing to this age group.

Sep 192016

Warning: This post is more than 18months old. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

THIS IS NOT A PREPPER CONVENTION!!!  Please  ONLY make contact if you are interested in attending a gathering on the water of Southern Maryland to make connections with outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, water men and those who wish to exchange ideas about surviving on and off the land.  If you specific questions about subjects not having to do with this post, please find another medium.

A fee for the security of the land along the Potomac is required by the Park Service.  What we are looking for at this time are people willing to share tents, transportation with attendees and/or the transportation of supplies.  WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR people who need guidance to another site, Conspiracy Theorists, Doomsday Preppers or people seeking to deprogram their children who at one time belonged to cults.  WE are just looking for a bunch of people who want to spend time in the woods and plan our next adventure.  This endeavor will only come to pass with the intention of GIVING, NOT TAKING.  We are not an information source,!

Aug 292016

Warning: This post is more than 18months old. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Desperately seeking to organize an Outdoor Retreat for people in and around the State of Maryland who are willing to plan for future survivalists adventures.  Seeking diverse skill sets and any gear or knowledge you can bring to the group.  I am not a doomsday prep.  I am more like someone who can live off the land, barter and trade harvested goods if all hell breaks loose.

Food and water will be provided at no cost to anyone who is willing to go on this retreat.  As a matter of fact, I am willing to pay fees for everyone willing to share tent and/or transportation to our site.   The primary objective for this meeting is to compare notes, make plans, learn and teach what will eventually evolve into a group who can survive without reliance on modern society.  If you are true, not a novice and genuinely interested in this trip, please email me at:  Whiteoleander1890 [at] gmail [dot] com

Aug 282016

Warning: This post is more than 18months old. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Seeking Survivalists, Multi-talented innovators and nature loving individuals for group outdoor endeavors.  Must be willing to pull together as a team and be willing to share knowledge of survival with other members of the group.  Members of any gender, ethnicity and identity are Welcome.  If you are truly interested and ready for a meeting of minds, please contact me at Whiteoleander1890 [at] gmail [dot] com.  A trip in Maryland is in the works solely for the purpose of meeting in the woods on terms we are familiar with.  We can go from there!