Jul 022016

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I have been prepping for a few years. My wife is on board with me. (Thank God)! 🙂 I am a Former Marine, and my and I are professional business people. We have means at our disposal. We are looking for another like minded couple or two. That are interested in swapping ideas, possibly pulling resources, if needed and overall being prepared for whatever comes our way. We are Christians, Republicans, Hard workers and dedicated.  As I have read some of the other posts further away in location.   We are the same type.

We are not planning on overthrowing the govt.

We are not looking to take care of people that cant don’t plan ahead,

We are not looking to go after anyone or any group.

We Just like to plan.

If you are local and sounds like you would like to meet let’s set up a meeting.

shot me a text. four07383378seven  My email address is my full name and seems weird to add it here.