Rich age 29, Tomgirl age 25, been together six months. Rich skilled at construction, farming, small equipment operator. Tomgirl an organic gardener, sews, cooks, strong and works hard. We both fish & hunt, fell trees and perform tasks together. Have some college courses but not going for a degree due to so much wasted time on needless courses. Are in search of a remote property to settle into and build out for independent living. To be as self-sustaining as is practical for location.

Apr 142018

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Hi, Tomgirl and I are currently in southwest Colorado. We are researching some lands to buy that are mountainous and hopefully with river frontage. Bordering BLM or national forest would be ideal. We’re in our twenties. I have an inheritance with which to buy land and set up an off-grid location. Have not decided on exactly where we want to settle as yet, but considering New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and maybe even California . Feel free to write us at [email protected]
We would like some input on locations most favorable.