Apr 092018

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My friend has a place up there. I am seriously considering buying land and house there. She said when Pole Shift water be above Sea Level. Also saw Retired Navy John Moore video. Be above 2,000 + She said his Mason Dixie line area will be under water.  Is she correct? I origionally thought of that Arkansas-Missouri area. Edgar Casey map. Videos. Books. She said Bonner-ferry.
Except for the plant there but she is hoping wind different direction. Me: Want list: when I get there or on way. Off grid. Amish stove, heater, and the hand wring  clothes washer and I saw a Oldie Maytag 1950 I want. Solar operated property. A horse. A 1920-1940s model T or A (?) no gasoline crank wind type operated truck. Green. beige that one. Reputable car dealer. I saw one.
My friend said once SHTF places want to be isolated so bridges whatever blockade whatever might happen. I told her then that means
“no petrol/gasoline or diesel a cometh.” Human nature. Then the utility companies will cut off water? Electricity? gas?
So I saw store in another state all Amish made.
L. Would appreciate bevriending a like minded person/family/community.
I think when it’s lights out folks SHTF only the Amish will carry on as they do normally for hundreds of years. They are off grid and probably healthier for it. Maybe God is doing us a favor?

Doesn’t always seem like it.

Please, I am looking to meet or communicate with anyone up in that area as I am a Believer and want a community or some family to know. I am interested in that Maytag how to go about acquiring if seller don’t ship -pick up only?
How do I find a good house to buy? My friend said no ficus trees there (usual clue to lots of water below) what trees there for  answer? I am watching the videos. The Prepared Mind & other  videos.  “Your a Godsend. May God bless you for your thoughtfulness to do His will to wake up and save His people.”

I plan on a solar operated plant glass house room i saw in some farming magazine.
Get back to God and basics.

I think protonmail.con/. ch is a good double encrypted email system I am on for personal communication.

The Bible said everything. Time is short indeed.

If you require my personal contact and private email let me know.

I am not media just trying to contact you.  I am a Newbie to site. L.A. CA. Trying to get the hell out.   Belief into action execute plan mode. How?

Once we establush our trust I provide cobtact business address for snail mail and mobile phone if you require  Then you can text me, email, call.

I appreciate your reading my letter.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Kantari [at] protonmail [dot] ch


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