Jan 142020

Greeting Friends,

I am seeking those with a preparedness mindset in SE Portland, Milwaukie and Clackamas areas. I would like to build a solid prepper community in this area that can hopefully develop into a MAG as time goes on. I would like to do things like run Drills, scenarios or just share knowledge. If you are interested, or have any questions for me that cannot be posted here please email me at: [email protected]




May 252018

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Greetings Friends,

I am 22 and have been working (mostly alone) on prepping for almost five years now. I live in SE Portland OR. I am looking for a group near me that is ready and will help me be more ready as well. I would like to do things like drills, scenarios and simply just share knowledge. If you have questions for me before you disclose any information I certainly understand email me at: [email protected]  .

Thank you
John C.