Relocating from SW Florida to Central Florida before July 2022. College educated and recently married. We're in our mid 30's and 40's. Interests- -Fitness *Fitness * and a little more Fitness for good measure, since fit people can take care of business, themselves and others. We would like to learn more medical and value medical training. Tactical Training and working hard at constant improvement. I have past martial arts training and would continue once we move. -Self reliant food production and basic animal care (chickens, ducks ect.) We're quick learners and good students. We've been experimenting with growing on a balcony, and we're moving to a minimum of an acer for food self reliance. -Solar powered systems and other mechanical things. I have experience with auto repair and restoration on a low to mid level. I learn easily and am mechanically inclined and also interested in electrical and plumbing aquaponics etc. Not afraid to get dirty. -College educated and creative problem solver, a student of history and how it relates to current events to identify serious problems ahead and create viable solutions. - Interested in hunting and fishing -Basically, we interested in community and would like to meet more people in South West Florida and surrounding areas to form real world relationships to handle the coming hard challenges. We'd like to exchange ideas and be part of a mutual assistance network of serious people who value security, friendship and want to help one another grow in our skillsets in the real word as opposed to the internet realms. If you share similar interests feel free to say hi.

Jun 062022

Hi there,

We’re new to this forum and looking to move very soon from the Tampa, fl area to South West Florida. (July 2022)  We’re a preparedness focused youngish recently married couple looking to connect with other preparedness minded people in that area of Florida. I’m fit, friendly and in my 40’s and my wife’s a little younger. I’ve been interested in preparedness since 2001 but serious about it since about 2012. My wife has been getting more and more on board as the reality of our country’s situation becomes more apparent.


– Mechanically inclined

– Creative problem solving

-Food production and self reliance

-Security focused

We’ve met some good people in the Tampa area but are now looking to move to Southwest Florida and want to reach out first. Food self reliance and production along with security are top priority and we’re learning and expanding our knowledge and skillsets. We read and study often. We’re creative problem-solvers and looking to meet good  people in the real word rather than the internet with the eventual goal of being part of a tight knit, focused group of people. I believe fitness is your biggest prep and think doing your best in that department is important.

I agree with a lot of the pepper philosophies of Viking Preparedness, Bear Independent ect and understand the value and necessity of strong community and a tight group who can rely on each other in serious times. There is strength in that.


Overall, just looking to meet new cool people.


Please private message if you’re in that general vicinity and we can then exchange more contact information. Thanks for reading