I have some experience in healthcare and am living in Sydney and looking to join a like minded rural community to ride out pole shift. One other dependent.

Jun 222016

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Im fairly new to prepping but have been reading up on pole shift and since there have been lots of indications that something is up im looking more seriously into what options are out there and how i could contribute in a preppers community. I have healthcare experience and im going to be purchasing some health related survival gear as I feel thats the best thing i could contribute in a pinch. I dont have the option to purchase land in any case money will soon be worthless anyway so does that really matter? Im keen to contribute, live in the Sydney area and have one dependant.

Also looking to relocate to somewhere 200 feet above sea level and at least 100 feet inland. Rural prefered with access to natural drinking water

Im looking for prep communities near sydney, im not sure if your location applies but if it does i work in healthcare and i have one dependant. im stocking up on healthcare materials and medications and willl be keen to contribute. Email me at e7green(at)gmail(dot)com