59 year old grandmother. Mother. Welder. Artist. Prepper. Cook. Gardening. Animal Husbandry.

Dec 022020


I have been getting responses but are wanting assets. I’m not a bank. I’m a prepper wanting longterm community life. Also my skill sets are based on barter.  Trade.  Income based. Either way people benefit.

If you are a working income based community,  that would be first choice. Everyone contributes.

Skills: welder

Game cook



Some homesteading

Always learning new applications.

Animal husbandry. Horses. Sheep. Goats. Turkeys.  Chickens. Dogs.

Email: klitgaardiam @

Nov 112020

Hello fellow preppers.

Im Suzy and currently working my way to leaving the Northstar CA. First of all, am in the minority of preppers and patriots , living in a blue state with all the wrong ideals. Pretty much a private person while here, and hopefully will able to move to an established community.

Skill sets: Welder.  Metal artist.. Game cook. Gardener. Animal Husbandry in large and small animals, livestock and domestic. Fishing. I have helped with off grid building in my early years. Just some handy things I know. Always willing to learn more.

States wanted: Red States a must.  Community established. Open to newcomers. I am a patriot.

Contact: [email protected]

Thank you for reading.