UPDATE: Now living in West-Central Florida! Grass doesn't grow under MY feet! lol Won't be moving outside of Florida unless FORCED to so I'm planted here now (hoping to buy a place in the next 2-3 years so I can plant, etc.). Still looking for like-minded people to chat and learn with/from. Thanks! :) Living near Boston, MA (only last ~2 years) but have lived near Philly and in Lower NY State. Looking for a community to learn from, participate with, and to discuss what to do next and how.

Aug 092021

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I’ve been prepping on and off (off due to moving twice and have to restart – ugh!) and have now moved to west central Florida. Looking to talk/learn with like-minded people re: prepping. I’m from the Northeast so prepping up there is much different than down here.

So if you’re in Florida… let’s chat! 🙂

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