Apr 282016

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Been several years since my last visit to this site, so I’ve posted this to both the Forums, AND main page. I hope. Bear with me as I’m still learning to navigate whatever it is they’ve done with the place…

I will be looking to move my Family come late August, early September, from NW Indiana to Idaho. We’re looking around the upper half of the state, as far North as Bonner’s Ferry, and as far South as New Meadows, Although I would prefer more North, given my familiarity in Mountainous regions. At the Moment we’re seeking to strike a balance between low population density (low enough that if I need to GOOD, I won’t be snaking my way through a labyrinthine metropolis rife with looters and roadblocks), yet large enough That work is readily available. Physical Labor in construction, agriculture, manufacturing, etc. are my Business, but I also have experience in Retail and Private Security. I am certainly not an “Office Guy,” although I am not opposed to it. Just don’t have any experience in the field. I do pick up on things pretty quick. Other things to consider: We will be renting an apartment. Here in Indiana, you can find Homes for rent. Smaller two bedroom homes can go for as little as $500-$750, depending on the area. This is preferable to an apartment as I would need to rent space at a storage facility for all of our preps. We have far too much for an apartment and utilize some of it in our day to day. We would also like to keep our vegetable and herb garden going as canning is a significant part of our preparations. We try to live as much of the lifestyle as possible, in advance. Again, difficult in an apartment. Lastly, we’re interested in a Bible-Based Church that is friendly to those with Preparedness in mind. Once we’ve established ourselves in the area and gotten into the groove of things, we will arrange meet and greets with local groups to see where we might fit into things and be able to contribute the most.

So if you’re familiar with the area and may have an idea or two, we’d love to hear from you. I know I’m fairly specific, but I’m a pretty adaptable guy. Just shooting me some general information on the areas I’ve outlined would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to hear me out.