Jan 052018

Howdy y’all,

My name is JD.

I’m 45yo, half Caucasian/half Mexican Indian, no handicaps, never married, no kids, drama free DO NOT drink smoke or do drugs.

I’m looking for a place to live and work. I do not have outside income. I’m looking for room and board in exchange for work. I do not own a personal vehicle (by choice).

There’s sites out there like Workaway, Wwoof and HelpX that let you stay and work for room and board, but only a few are preparing for Survival. Alot have the hippy mentality or trying not to leave a heavy carbon footprint.

I’ve always been a survivalist, but am more of a less dependant on the government type of guy. What I do is nobody’s business but mine. I believe in self reliance, self sufficiency, and  being self sustainable.

I believe in protecting what is yours or close to you at ALL cost. I am loyal, honest, trustworthy and dependable. I think communication is the foundation to any relationship.

I am not a know it all or Jack of all trades, I’m just a handy guy to have around. I am familiar with carpentry, plumbing, electrical, paint, flooring, foundation repair, roofing, small engine repair, vehicle and equipment maintenance, fencing, chainsaw work, small scale personal gardener.

I’d love to practice beekeeping, aquaponics, solar/wind power, welding, alternative building……

I know you guys have families and friends to protect and don’t want to give away Security secrets.

I just thought maybe someone out there whos trying to do it all by themselves might need an extra hand. Someone with the same mindset of Survival. Or a group who owns land but need a “yard dog” to keep the place safe when their not around.

I’m not materialistic. I got a phone bill, need food, toiletries and clothes. Not looking to get rich.

I’m located in Texas now, but am ready to leave in February or March. I’m not a “snow bunny” so warm climates are ideal. All of Louisiana or Florida. Central or South Georgia, Mississippi or Alabama. Anywhere south of San Francisco in California. However I’m open to other states as well.

Well, if anyone is interested or curious just message me.

Thanx for your time and Stay Safe.