My wife and I are Australian Christians with a strong interest in Self-Sufficiency, Homesteading, Survivalism and Prepping. We are seeking likeminded and likehearted Christians world-wide to communicate and liaise with and share ideas, in preparation for the Biblical end-time scenarios, both political and catastrophic, as prophesied of in Scripture.. We are not interested in amassing guns and ammunition but believe that " whosoever shall live by the sword shall die by it", and therefore advocate tactical evasion and seclusion as the appropriate Christian means of future survival. We believe in Homesteading, Self-Sufficiency and Subsistence during times of peace, and evasion and seclusion during the approaching times of world-wide persecution. We are not anti-government or against genuine authority, but know that, by default, true dedicated Christians will be and are viewed as anti-social. We are non-Denominational, non-Charismatic, Conservative Biblical ancient-church Restorationists in belief and teaching, believe in a mid-Tribulation Rapture, and are not interested in starting a new sect or cult, but firmly understand that there is " nothing new under the sun" and seek to follow the " old Paths" of the " Faith ONCE given" with those who, as Christians, are not prepared to take up arms against their persecutors in order to survive in the future. We believe we are not naive nor sensationalists in this matter and hope that others of a similar belief would communicate with us from around the world in order to prepare strategically for survival, physical and spiritual, in the decade or more ahead. We are also interested in becoming distributors in Australia and New Zealand of innovative survival and prepping products, and welcome contact from international suppliers and manufacturers. Maranatha from Australia. Contact: [email protected] Facebook: Early Church Revival Movement

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