May 192016

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Evening all.  We have a small group of people that conduct training exercises in Northern Wisconsin. We have a Facebook and Youtube channel that shows some of our material, called Badger Security and Survival. If you guys could swing over there and check it out and drop some feedback that’d be great. We believe in community and the best way now for us is to hopefully spread some information. The more prepared everyone is, the better chance we have of surviving. Thanks!

YouTube Channel


  6 Responses to “Badger Security and Survival”

  1. Hello,

    This information is helpful. I look forward to attending the training exercises in Northern Wisconsin whenever they are scheduled. This is much more important than most realize. Hope you all have a great weekend. –mddvorak–

  2. Saw your FB page and liked it. Definitely seem like you’re doing some pretty awesome and important things. What all do you guys do? Are you a group, or do you onlyoffer training and that’s it?

    • We are a group and train as one. As a group member we frequently do survival, firearms, and medical response type of training. In conjunction with the training there is usually a community improvement kind of project. We also offer out our services to people as well.

      • That’s awesome. My girlfriend and other friend who preps with us would definitely be interested in some of those types of training. How many people usually attend and how often do you do this?

        • Usually 6 or so depending on the weekend. Going to try and squeeze another weekend in before it gets too cold. Although we are doing some winter survival stuff too. Are you located in Wisconsin?