Mar 132021

Band of Brothers
Well-equipped prepper group seeks additional like-minded individuals/families. Military or medical experience highly desired.
Apply To: Robert Durant

Altus, Ok. 73522
[email protected]

  2 Responses to “Band of Brothers”

  1. P.O. Box is no longer active. Please reply via e-mail.

  2. Hi Robert. My name is Beverly. I am in the Broken Arrow area. I am a Registered Nurse for over 25 years. I am older. I am 61. I live by myself in a house in town and have many preps that I have been accumulating for years. I am in fear they are going to make me take the shot (vaccine) and that is one thing I am not willing to do. If it comes to it I will let them fire me so if I want I will have recourse. I am really astounded at how our country has gone in the last several years but have been prepping way before that. I have medical skills, preserving skills and have tried my hand at gardening. Would love to hear from you. Thanks and take care.